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Direct injectionvto intraplanetary transfer direct from Kerbin without needing to establish sun-centric orbit first.

Many real world inter-planetary missions are injected into their transfer path from launch. MechJeb should be able to do this as well.
CAPFLyer, 26.09.2012, 04:31
153 votes Vote

MechJeb is awesome and I'm sorry we're a bunch of whiny complainers.

Thanks for all your hard work. Now fulfill our every whim!
Shard, 26.09.2012, 11:32
113 votes Vote

0.18 maneuver auto pilot

Since 0.18 adds maneuver planning, I think mechjeb should be able to perform this maneuvers automatically, or at least rotate the ship for the maneuver! this would make everything much easier, and people can concentrate on planning maneuvers,...
Luke321, 21.11.2012, 04:07
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95 votes Vote

Geosync/GeoStatic Orbit

Quick-set buttons for setting sat's and probes to geosync/geostatic orbit either at launch, or over a specific lat/long coord.
Shard, 26.09.2012, 11:58
91 votes Vote

[IDEA] Add a function to change orbital inclination.

Someone mentioned it in the forum thread, but it wasn't here. I would be useful to have command to specify and adjust the orbit inclination during flight, for pinpoint rendez-vous and precise orbital alignment.
Shard, 26.09.2012, 11:51
71 votes Vote

a "Suicide-burn" landing autopilot option. - calculates its wheight and it's available thrust, and then tries to burn at max capacity at the latest possible moment

Normally, the landing autopilot will often just maintain a steady decent speed by firing the engines multiple times during landing. Though if you are short on fuel this might be a wastefull method that doesnt carry a lot of risk. The suicide...
Miss Stabby, 04.10.2012, 19:53
69 votes Vote

Automatic Docking please?

I want to be able to send one rocket into space, then at the launchpad of the next rocket just choose which rocket to dock to and off it goes, automatically selecting the right time, gravity turn and orbit.
Exogie, 03.12.2012, 15:51
60 votes Vote

Mechjeb doesn't appear to solve transfers for Moho & Eve?

With 1.9.2, if I escape Kerbin SOI into a solar orbit, the orbital transfer mode shows reasonable delta-V values for the outer planets but Eve and Moho show 0 Δv and if I click those buttons, nothing seems to happen. I haven't tried going from...
Shard, 26.09.2012, 11:58
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56 votes Vote

Docking issue in 0.18. After separating a craft, reconnecting the craft causes Mechjeb to put the craft into an uncontrollable spin when attempting any tasks.

Attempting to reconnect a craft to itself after separation causes an uncontrollable spin. For example, in an Apollo style mission, after launch, kerbin orbit and the transfer burn to the mun the next step is having the command module undock,...
El trip., 05.12.2012, 09:47
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45 votes Vote

Add hover mode to the translatron

Similar to fixed vertical speed in the translatron. Only tries to fix altitude and points the nose upwards. Mechjeb uses the engine to ascent/descent to a preset altitude. The player can maneuver the ship around like a helicopter, just tilt to...
Willow, 26.09.2012, 04:25
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34 votes Vote

Disable RCS for Mechjeb

Is it possible to negate mechjeb any use of RCS but still let me control it? Would be nice for docking, mechjeb can keep the vessel parallel and you could use RCS to move in the correct position without worrying about orientation instead of...
Shard, 26.09.2012, 11:56
25 votes Vote

Controlled Engine Burns

I would like to see the ability to tell my craft to burn the main engine for X.X seconds @ X percentage. I use SURF mode a lot to control my semi manual launches setting my inclination as I climb, it only seems logical to have the ability to...
sysigy, 09.01.2013, 05:19
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25 votes Vote

stuck on loading in .19

in the loading screen the loading gets stuck on any mechjeb part
david, 18.03.2013, 10:05
20 votes Vote

Make landing autopilot account for true altitude

Mechjeb tends to crash my spaceships into the surface of Duna far too frequently due to the large discrepancy between the altitude given by the altimeter and the true altitude. It seems to spend time waiting to get to the right altitude for a burn...
VDOgamez, 07.10.2012, 14:16
20 votes Vote

update to 0.18

Update this mod to 0.18
Bob Kerman, 01.12.2012, 14:24
18 votes Vote

[Bug 1.9.x]Mechjeb doesn't use the highest warp level

Mechjeb doesn't seem to want to use the new higher wapr options introduced in .16. This makes using Orbital Operations to other planets pretty painful.
Shard, 26.09.2012, 11:40
16 votes Vote

Telescopic zoming?

Some method of telescopic zoom would be really cool for orbital cameras, spy cameras, etc.
Shard, 26.09.2012, 11:49
15 votes Vote

Auto-rendezvous without needing to launch the same rocket

If you want mechjeb to do a rendezvous with another rocket, you need to launch a rocket and then,launch the same rocket and it will rendezvous with the first rocket. It would be great if we wouldn't need that. How? Simple( I am talking about...
moimaster, 06.11.2012, 18:18
14 votes Vote

What about MechJeb for KSP 0.18?

Alex, 02.12.2012, 05:19
12 votes Vote

Latest version of SmartASS|SURF doesn't activate until liftoff.

I was using it before to take off from the runway for airplanes. I'd set it to a 10 degree pitch, and as the plane gained speed it would automatically angle up and take off. Now it looks like it's not active until the plane is in the air, so it...
antiquark, 29.09.2012, 12:13
12 votes Vote

Make a "MechJeb Lite": just the Smart ASS,Translator and Orbital Operations without the fancy autopiloting ;)

Anarkhon, 02.12.2012, 16:43
12 votes Vote

I guess that is time for R4mon to open a Paypal donate to help us to help him

A paypal donate button to support the development of Multiversal Mechatronics
pinolallo, 02.12.2012, 16:46
12 votes Vote

make it so on a rendezvous mechjeb can go right up to the targeted ship and then dock if the user chooses to

have the option so that when rendezvousing with another ship mechjeb will attempt to get you as close to the target ship as possibly and if the user chooses, dock with the specific target
michael, 06.12.2012, 14:52
11 votes Vote

Is MechJeb working with ARM pack?

I'd like to go to the asteroids, but I'm totally missing'em without MechJeb. So, is MJ working with ARM pack?
SteveXtreme, 05.04.2014, 05:25
10 votes Vote

rendezvous with a ship... but mechjeb seems to never actually be able to do just that....

I have launched a station in geosync orbit. I have than tried to select that object in the rendezvous list on the ascent planner... It just keeps going at max warp trying to time launch... I have also tried to launch and than rendezvous with the...
ModulatedDreams, 06.12.2012, 03:06
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9 votes Vote

MechJeb ComputerModule 3rd party plugins

A powerful idea that from my knowledge would be pretty simple to implement- in MechJebCore.cs, where the ComputerModule list is populated, instead of hardcoding the entries, use reflection to find all types that extend from ComputerModule and...
Shard, 26.09.2012, 11:59
9 votes Vote

Ascent autopilot is very bad at piloting large craft.

Control inputs are far too slow to compensate for heading deviation. Stock ASAS can control the same vehicle, however, and manually piloting is quite easy. When Mechjeb starts to see the craft go off course, it only applies ~5% of the total...
jbard, 06.12.2012, 11:05
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9 votes Vote

In v. 1.9.5 i don't get a good orbit, he just stop circulizing...

i tried to get a good orbit in height of 150km but when he is circulizing he disengage himself and stops running, but the middle of the orbit is the KSC instead of the middle of Kerbin so the rocket goes straight back to kerbin and hit the ground
Eike St., 06.12.2012, 15:13
8 votes Vote

Rendezvous module is not working.

[1.9.5] When I try to get my ship to my Space station, I select the targen and hit Algine orbits. But it dosen't do anything.
Viseo, 11.12.2012, 11:25
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8 votes Vote

MechJeb 0.22 Has no interface

Loaded MechJeb into KSP GameData folder and part becomes available. However after placing a part on my rocket the interface does not display and there is not button/button I can use to open the mechjeb functions.
castor519, 27.11.2013, 23:25
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